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At Enjio, we're building products that put flexible, focused, fulfilling work first.

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The world of work is changing.

Remote workers are 13% more productive than in-office employees.

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+49% Rise in Digital Nomads in 2020

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It's about bringing your best, from wherever you feel at your best.


It's about both body and mind; feeling fresh and staying sharp.


It's about embracing opportunities to do work you love.

we asked. We listened.

How can we make working from anywhere easier & more productive?

"I value the freedom to work from anywhere."

"I get to spend more time with family, and save on commute."

"I love being my own boss."

"Travel is a huge part of me life--this way, I don't have to compromise."

"Working from anywhere makes it easier to take care of my health."

"I get to work with clients who value my expertise."

Remote & flexible working is here to stay. We all know that. But what are we doing to make it better?

1) How can we make it easier to get in the zone, stay focused and avoid fatigue while living and working on-the-go?

2) How can we help you stay in control of your workspace? And...

3) What if we could keep every tool you needed to work at your best: light, mobile and flexible?

90% of digital nomads report being highly satisfied at work.

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Here's to portable, sit-stand solutions that keep you in the zone for longer.

We know that working from anywhere limits your carry-space. But that doesn't mean it should hinder your focus. We're combining thoughtful ergonomic design with light, mobile materials to help you get in the zone: wherever you go.

Learn how sit-stand working can improve alertness & focus
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But also... here's to better storage and organization to help declutter & destress.

Switching off can be hard when your work is always just a click away. Smart storage means making it as easy as possible to pack-down, declutter and store away when you're done: so that you can neatly wrap up a hard day's work and put your mind at ease.

Read up on tips for decluttering your workspace
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And above all else: here's to having the tools that make it easy to love what you do.

Life's too short to grind without joy. We believe in drive, passion and enjoyment throughout your productive hours; whatever personal style you bring to your work and your pursuits--we want to build the tools that let you do your thing without compromise.

our mission

latest releases


Infinite Adjustabiilty

Enjoy infinite adjustability with our patent pending Z to C hinge design. Easy locking is what makes Jaque such a joy to use; and our uniquely designed double hinge gives the sturdiness and stability of a full-size work surface.

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Stability, Attention to Detail & Aluminum T6

Designed in San Fransisco, right at the cusp of modern working, we obsessed over the best balance of stability and lightness for your workflow. Jaque is crafted with the ultralight Aluninum T6; giving you the premium sturdiness of aluminum while staying light and flexible.

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Simple Setup & Packup

We value every productive minute, and Jacques was designed to help make comfortable, healthy productivity simple. No bells and whistles. No fiddling. Just adjust and lock into place.

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3.4lbs & thinner than a notebook

We love the mobility of modern work and want you to feel light on your feet; as you travel from place to place, Jacques can easily slip into your travel bag without taking up space or weight.

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Here's to...

Staying Focused,
For Longer

Just 30 minutes of standing can boost productivity and alertness. Give yourself the option to switch it up and stay at your best for longer.

Destressing & Feeling Energized

Light, portable and easily stored products let you switch off easier and declutter. Less stress. Deeper sleep. Higher work wellbeing; this is what we're all about.

Loving What You Do

Life's too short to grind without joy. We believe in drive, passion and enjoyment throughout your productive hours; and we want to make it as easy as possible, even when you're on the move.

your resource on modern working

We go in-depth on the discussions, topics and tools needed for a new era of flexible working.