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developing our community.

Our ebook tailored for remote workers is making a positive impact in our community.

"So practical with great tips, easy to follow as I can apply it to my day and love the design."

- melissa

"Excellent techniques and easy to do! I just followed the middle of day tips and I find its already made a difference to my energy and focus in the afternoon"


"Having read a number of productivity books, I can honestly say your book is the most practical as it structures my day towards activities I should be doing. I tried the morning routine and I am feeling a lot more alert when starting the day, which I am using to my advantage to get all the important items ticked"


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developing our community.

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Improve your productivity and focus

Combining sitting and standing during the day, you will quickly start to see the benefits of improved productivity from boosted mood and energy levels. Our customers will smash their goals in no time.

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Enhance your mood and energy levels

Multiple research studies have reported that use of standing desks increase energy as well as reducing stress and fatigue compared to those who sat at work for the entire day.

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Avoid posture health related issues

Many studies show that standing desks can dramatically decrease chronic back pain caused by prolonged sitting. With back pain being one of the most common complaints from people that sit all day, these studies have shown you can reduce back pain by keeping your screen at eye level.

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Enhance your wellbeing, creativity and motivation by changing scenery

Research shows when are are exposed to a variety of scenes, we feel happier, more excited and relaxed.
Jaque is light and portable, allowing you to change your scene whenever you want.

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It's about bringing your best, from wherever you feel at your best.

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It's about both body and mind; feeling fresh and staying sharp.

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