We want to help make your productive hours more comfortable. Wherever you choose to work from.

Why we do it

Every new tribe needs new tools to thrive. We're here to greet those living the new ways of working with open arms and sharper tools for modern living.

we asked. We listened.

We create productive workspaces for the modern freelancer and digital nomad.

"I value the freedom to work from anywhere."

"I get to spend more time with family, and save on commute."

"I love being my own boss."

"Travel is a huge part of me life--this way, I don't have to compromise."

"Working from anywhere makes it easier to take care of my health."

"I get to work with clients who value my expertise."

Wellbeing has a direct correlation with being productive.

Now that we have the ability to work remotely and work from anywhere, if we put our minds to it, we can be productive and live a healthy happy fulfilling life. It makes sense to invest in being at your productive best, so you can have the time to enjoy life.

At the heart of our brand is the inspiration for the name Enjio itself: enjoyment. We believe life is too short not to bring enjoyment to each and every 8 hour day.

90% of digital nomads report being highly satisfied at work.

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our vision

"Harboring creativity will be essential for maintaining the edge in the future job market and in business."

- andres gutierrez, ceo & founder

Our vision for the future of work sees humans doing more of what they do best: not less. More demand for creativity. Flexibility. Thoughtfulness and passion. As the landscape of work continues to shift, we see a future where people are freed up to pursue the work that matters to them; in whatever style suits them best.

We're on a mission to build a tribe, a lifestyle and a hub for all those already embracing the new ways of work, and to welcome those who are just dipping in their toes.

our values

Opt For Optimism

Where possible, we actively choose to see & show the brighter side. . It means painting a picture of how things can be better.

Actively Helpful

We go out of our way to solve specific problems so that users can be delighted when we show up with the solution they need.

Accumulative Quality

Quality is an important pillar of our character, in everything we do. It shows itself in the details.

Useful Simplicity

These are the mantra at the heart of our product design approach. No unnecessary add-ons. No complications.


At the heart of the name is a reminder that even the hours spent working are for enjoying, and our brand should reflect this at all times.

Passion & Drive

Passion & drive are about building things that matter. They are about being excited to put in the work, even when it isn’t easy.

where we're headed

Toward better tools.

Toward lighter living.

Toward new normals.

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Join a readership of active nomads, freelancers and independent professionals living the new ways of work.