Introducing Jaque.
A workspace targeted to boost remote workers' productivity and well-being.

Stay flexible while reducing the

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Elevate your laptop

Smoothly switch from sit to stand with ease, with our unique locking mechanism.

What we know from the experts.


Making remote work more flexible.

You are in control on how you want to work by having the ability to change your scenery, enhancing your overall well-being.


Patented locks give unrivalled height and angle adjustability, which ensure your laptop screen is always eye-level

Increased Focus.

Smoothly transition from sitting to standing during the day to elevate your energy and concentration levels.

Instant Portability.

Light, foldable and compact, means its portable allowing you to have tidy workspace and change your scenery when working. As research suggests, de-cluttering and changing scenery boosts your overall well-being and mood.

standout features

Portable & Lightweight

Jaque is light and compact, making it perfect for traveling. Weighing only 4.56lbs, you can carry it with you on the go. Wherever, you choose to work.
Infinite angle.

Unlike other solutions out there, our patent-pending infinite hinge design lets you adjust not only height, but angle.

Swift adjustability.

Make full use of Jaque's Z and C configurations to enjoy arrange of heights and positions. It's easier than ever to find your productive sweet spot.

Lock in place.

Stability and simplicity are at the heart of Jaque's design. Once you settle into the height and angle you need, simply lock the hinge in place and type away.

Designed for easy airflow to make your laptop well-ventilated when in use. Transparent stopper and silicon pads ensures your
laptop is always safe and fixed in position. Strong and sturdy for comfortable typing.

The Productivity Checklist


Declutter, destress and keep your mind fresh. Release the hinges and pack away in seconds.

Stay focused.

Smoothly transition from sitting to standing during the day to elevate your energy and concentration levels.

Stay light.

The lightest way to bring your favorite productive workspace with you.


Jaque's panel is made from Aluminium alloy, which has high strength and very good corrosion resistance.


Transparent stoppers prevent your laptop sliding off, plus transparent silicon pads surrounding the panel for maximum hold. If what wasn’t enough, the 3D indents on the panels ensure maximum grip and airflow; preventing your laptop from heating.

Strong and Sturdy.

Supports up to 20 lbs: which is the equivalent of four 15 inch laptops.

Comfortable Typing

Feel at ease typing on Jaque. The strength on the locks and hinges means even your furious fingers won't make it budge.

Hinge Stability

Our proprietary locks have been developed to be one of the strongest friction mechanisms on the market; tested to ensure all remains stable.

Easy travel

Just 12 x 14 inches across, and folding down to a slim 1.56 inches, Jaque is your easiest travel companion.

Sit and Stand

Jaque can elevate your laptop from zero to 14 inches; going from sit to stand in seconds.

Foldable and compact

When folded, Jaque is 1.56 inches in height, making it easy to store away and declutter.

Universal compatibility

Compatible with all laptop sizes from 10” – 17”.

Laptop stability on stand

The patented locks allow you to lock in your preferred height. Supported by one of the strongest hinges on the market and combined with aluminium alloy material with 3D indented patterns provides optimum stability and structural strength.

Why Jaque?

There are plenty of ways to work flexibly and enjoy the benefits of sit-stand. Jaque is tailored to mobile, modern workers unlike any other solution: see for yourself.






12" x 14"
x 1.56"
31.3" x 22"
x 1.3"
28.4'' x 16.3''
x 4.4"
31.5" x 15.5"
x 4.5"
36" x 26.8"
x 4.2 "


4.56 lbs
22.5 lbs
34 lbs
28.1 lbs
64.8 lbs


Height Adjustable

Angle Adjustability

Take It With You

Data backs the benefits of sit-stand.

Improve focus.


Research published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found 52% of people using standing desks for over one year felt more engaged at work. Looking for a new spark?

Reduce back pain.

14 days

The Sit-Stand Project showed a reduction in upper back and neck pain by 54%, and improved mood. Further, removing the device largely negated observed improvements within 2 weeks.

Lower heart risks.


Scientists have conducted many studies on the impacts of sitting and heart health. Prolonged sedentary time can increase the risk of heart disease by up to 147%.

Burn calories.


What's the simplest way to get an extra workout each day? As it happens, research shows that 1,000 extra calories are burned each week by standing at your desk each afternoon.

Jaque's ergonomic design helps solve your posture-related health issues.

A more natural, daily viewing height.

The ergonomic design of Jaque ensures your laptop screen is always at eye level, as you need it. You can also switch to standing to boost your energy and maintain good posture throughout the day.

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