8 Why A Change Of Scenery Boosts Remote Work Productivity

A great way to bring more joy and novelty into work is by changing the scenery. Whether big or small, a change can help break the monotony, improve the brain’s capabilities, create new habits, and boost mental health. This article covers great ideas on how you can change scenery besides traveling.

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May 12, 2023

Why A Change Of Scenery Boosts Remote Work Productivity - And How To Do It Right

After working from home for some time, it can feel monotonous to sit in the same workspace, do the same routine, and look at the same scene every day.

As boredom creeps in, productivity and creativity will drop. Motivation to work will dive too. 

This makes sense because humans have an innate need for variety, namely a change of scenery. When we are exposed to a variety of scenes, we feel happier, excited, and relaxed. Conversely is also likely true. The same scene over and over again can drive unhappiness. 

The good thing about remote work is flexibility. Remote workers can choose where they want to work, as long as they have laptops and good internet connections. This makes changing scenes incredibly easy. 

However, most remote workers may not have realized the potent effects of changing scenes while working from home. And how they can take things to the next level and improve their well-being and creativity. 

In this article, you will learn the benefits of changing scenes and how you can do it in many ways. Some tips do not mean only changing scenes physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Why Is A Change Of Scenery Important For Remote Work?

First of all, changing scenery breaks the monotony remote workers experience occasionally. 

Monotony can actually give rise to errors and decreased productivity and happiness level. The remote worker may feel overworked or under-employed or become distracted or stressed.

Working in a new space disrupts the monotony because it allows remote workers to try something new, meet new people, see new things, thus stimulating creativity inside them. 

Second, traveling to new places improves brain abilities.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to rewire itself by repairing old neural connections or creating new ones. It is essential for our brain to learn new things, remember details, and recover from brain injuries. 

And the good news is, getting outside of your comfort zone and experiencing new things can improve your brain’s neuroplasticity. 

This is also one of the primary reasons why many remote workers choose to travel while working. Not only is it fun, but it is also rewarding to learn new things and get exposed to a new culture.

Third, a change of environment can help in changing habits

External cues trigger habits, like how some people start snacking as soon as they see a bowl of cookies on the table. The cookie is the external cue, and the habit is eating the cookie when the person sees it. 

Sometimes, working from home can introduce unhealthy habits into working hours such as snacking, slacking, or constantly checking the phone. 

Changing your environment can reduce and slowly eliminate the bad habits and introduce new, healthy habits you want to practice. 

Lastly, spending time in nature boosts mood and mental health. 

Companies and remote workers that bring nature into their work do it for good reasons—the greener the area, the better the person’s well-being. People who spend time walking in nature also experience “quieter brains” and dwelled less on negative thoughts. In short, nature is where people feel good. 

5 Easy Ways To Change Your Scenery

1. Work In A New Place Occasionally

Having a dedicated and ergonomic-friendly workspace is good, but it can be boring after a while. Spice things up by working in a new cafe or co-working space once or twice a week. Even a few hours a week in a new place can break the monotony and stimulates neuroplasticity. 

If commuting is not your favorite, you can also choose a nearby cafe that you frequent. Some people prefer quieter places, so a library or a less crowded cafe will work too. 

2. Work In A Green Area

A backyard works best, but potted plants or photos of nature works too. 

Try moving the workspace to a greener area. If the area is not accessible, bring nature in. 

Switch the desktop wallpaper to a beautiful scenery you love. Put some potted plants around your workspace. Sit nearer to the window. Some people even put up a forest wallpaper on their walls to give the illusion of being in a jungle. 

3. Include New Activities Into Your Daily Routine

A change of scenery does not have to mean moving to a new place literally. A new activity in your daily routine also works. 

Introduce things you do not usually do into your daily routine, like doing a new workout, wearing a new outfit, cooking new recipes, or standing while working

When the new thing has become the new norm, introduce other new activities, or change the old ones. Doing this occasionally can bring more variety and fun into your work life. 

4. Get A Work-From-Home Buddy

A work-from-home buddy is a peer who keeps you accountable, shares ideas and feedback, and helps you stay focused and motivated. 

Here’s an example of how it works (it can be different from person to person):

Check-in with your buddy every 3 hours to make sure you are on track and hitting your goals. Do a recap on what you did, what results you have achieved, and how you can improve it. And keep each other accountable.

This buddy is a good change of scenery for remote workers because they literally shake up your routine. It is like getting into a relationship after years of being single. 

#5. Make Old Habits Difficult

A hack to break old, unhealthy habits is by making it difficult. This is where changing the environment comes into play. 

If you notice you have a snacking habit whenever you see food on the table, then hide that food in a kitchen cabinet. 

If you notice you have the habit of lying on the bed while resting, work somewhere far away from your bedroom. 

If you realize you tend to check your phone every 10 minutes, put your phone away and put it on silence. 

The environment you are in shapes your habits more than you think. Try taking a good look at your environment and notice the external cues that trigger unhealthy habits. Then remove those cues or make it difficult to see those cues. 

The Take Home Message

It can get a tad boring after working from home for some time. Although remote workers can save thousands of dollars on commuting fees, formal attires, and cosmetics, they sometimes lack novel experiences that spice up their lives.

A great way to bring more joy and novelty into work is by changing the scenery. Whether big or small, a change can help break the monotony, improve the brain’s capabilities, create new habits, and boost mental health. 

Here’s how to get a change of scenery besides traveling. 

  • Work in a new place occasionally
  • Move to a greener area
  • Introduce new activities
  • Get a work-from-home buddy
  • Make old habits difficult by changing your environment

If you are looking for ways to improve your focus while working from home and see the value of having a flexible workspace that allows you to change your scenery as recommended by this article, you can learn more about Jaque.

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