Meet Arlette a confidence coach from Germany

Meet Arlette, relatively new to the nomadic lifestyle but an interview with nice insight and tips.

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May 12, 2023

1-on-1 with Arlette, an introverted digital nomad with a taste for productive comfort


We believe that independent professionals are the pioneers of the changing world of work. That’s why every week we go in-depth with one of our favorites and pick up some lessons about what it takes to be a digital nomad.

This week we spoke to Arlette (31) from Germany, a confidence coach that helps introverts find a partner.  

Nomad experience 

I’m new to the nomadic lifestyle as I’ve been doing this for less than a year. 

It all started with co-living days with friends in Berlin during the pandemic. 

Then we decided to take the co-living context to a new location in Antalya, Turkey and invite friends to join us. 

Favorite place so far and why? 

The small town of Kas in Antalya is so beautiful with stunning nature and a peaceful seaside. It just feels like home. Then there is the vibrant community aspect of it with yoga gatherings, bachata dancing and always meeting someone you know at one of the great coffee places. 

3 most important items you travel with

My laptop, yoga mat and a notebook for journaling and sketching.  

Most memorable nomad experience

Ecstatic dancing under the stars on a helipad on Valentine’s day. 

Getting a ‘thank you’ text from one of my first clients that I helped with find a partner. It’s energizing when you can change someone’s life even just a little bit. 

Most challenging part of being a nomad? 

Being an introvert living in a small community 24/7. I always need to be careful to not burn out from too many things happening and take time for myself. 

Where do you do your best work

On the couch with a cat on my lap or yoga cushion, music in my earphones. A good view during breaks to help with recharging. 

Travel hacks 

I am not too careful about money when travelling as I just want to enjoy my trips. One thing we always do is negotiate prices on accommodations to get local rates. 

Favorite routines 

Yoga and meditation every morning for 1.5 h on weekdays. 

Preparing meals for the community.  Watching the sunset every day. 

Fun time during weekends: dancing, time outdoors, swimming. 

Weekly meetup with nomad girls where we share our challenges and support each other’s projects.  

Exciting future plans

Organizing more workations in winter-time. Lately, I’ve been thinking about adopting a cat though travel logistics might prove challenging. 

Personal definition of success

To not feel the need to be successful. Always striving for success can be a recipe for over-anxiety. Being happy in the moment and connecting to yourself are more important. 

One or two tips for nomads starting out 

Build a daily structure as soon as you arrive at a new destination. 

Have around a group of people that support you, don’t forget social contacts.   

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