Meet Dave an ambitious digital nomad from Australia

Meet Dave, an independent trader, and property manager. An ambitious digital nomad who values freedom. This interview uncovers great insight and tips from Dave's experience of being a nomad.

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May 12, 2023

1-on-1 with Dave, an ambitious digital nomad who values freedom above all else 


We believe that independent professionals are the pioneers of the changing world of work. That’s why every week we go in-depth with one of our favorites and pick up some lessons about what it takes to be a digital nomad. 

This week we spoke to Dave (54), an independent trader and property manager from Australia, who’s always on the move.

For how long have you been travelling? How did it all start?

It all started 3 years ago when I decided on a whim to move  to America to be with a girl I liked at that time. It didn’t work out as expected in the end so I travelled around the country. I’ve been on the road ever since. 

What was your favorite location so far and why? 

Kas/Antalya  here in Turkey because it’s an affordable piece of paradise. 

I’ve been in many places - Kas is just another level in terms of connections and community. 

3 most-have items you travel with? 

My work setup: laptop, screens, wireless keyboard, Ipad. 

Oura ring.  My Jack Wolfskin backpack.  

Most memorable nomad experience 

Travelling in a van around Australia for two weeks. I had great company and Australia has some stunning places to explore. 

Most challenging part of being a nomad

Balancing a focus on work with social life.  Any of the two can get in the way of the other. I can have days when I am getting too social and that can be in the way of my work. I try to address this by being intentional in terms of time spent on work and social activities.  

Work and passion project

I trade stocks for work and manage property investments in Australia.  

My passion project is The Manschit Podcast that has the purpose to help men in general and traders in particular achieve peak performance and live the most joyful version of themselves.  

Favorite work space 

In the apartment where I am living, as I have quite a setup. I would like to experiment more with working on the go just with my laptop or Ipad. 

Travel hacks

I negotiate everything. Negotiating is just a conversation, I’m never afraid of hearing a “no”. I had good training on this during my time in China. 

Researching the exchange rate at local banks can save a lot of money if you use cash often. To save time, I also make use of my social contacts to ask for recommendations from places to see, best restaurants etc. 

Favorite routines

I like to do a bit of meditation and journaling in the morning. After that I usually hit the gym or do yoga sometimes.  I also like to cook good and healthy meals.    Cold showers help with focus and resilience. 

Getting social

I like having people over for dinner to know them better and connect with them. 

I go to dancing parties whenever I can, I like bachata. 

Coffee outdoors to catch up with friends. 

Exciting future plans 

Getting back to Australia for my daughter’s wedding. 

Sailing from Turkey to Malta and Gibraltar. 

How do you personally define success? 

Freedom and helping others live a life of joy. Travelling continuously. 

Tips for other nomads just starting out 

Focus on having a great base that works well with your purpose (getting work done or getting social) Have a solid work agenda for the week. Make sure you have a corner in the place where you stay that resembles the most productive environment for you.  Take the weekends off and connect with others. 

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