Have We Created The World’s Most Flexible Laptop Stand?

We have analyzed 130 competitors who claim to offer height-adjustable desks to see if our product is really the world’s most flexible laptop stand.

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May 12, 2023

Have We Created The World’s Most Flexible Laptop Stand?

Remote work is on the rise, and having a standing desk converter can instantly unlock a wide range of benefits for busy professionals. Standing for just a couple of hours a day rather than sitting down for several hours at a time can help professionals become more productive at work, as well as minimize discomfort. Whether you work from home,  a coffee shop, or within a corporate office environment, you will likely experience pain from sitting down at a traditional office desk. From eye and neck strain to upper shoulder pain and frustrating lower back issues, many people are now searching for height-adjustable desks, and laptop stands to switch up the way they work.

In our pursuit to create the world’s most flexible laptop stand, we have spent eight weeks carrying out valuable competitor research to see how our laptop stand compares to what’s currently on the market. So, here’s how we got on!

Seeking Out The Laptop Stand Competition

As part of our ongoing design and development process, we have spent around eight weeks analyzing our competitors online. Competitor analysis is a great way to identify gaps in the market, learn from other brands and industry leaders and discover any weakness that we need to address in relation to our product range. We were also curious to discover any innovative features currently being used within the ergonomic office furniture world and understand where our laptop stand fits within the current market.

Since our mission is to create the world’s most flexible laptop stand, we identified 130 laptop stands, which all claim to be height adjustable. To accurately compare and evaluate such a large number of height-adjustable desks, we developed a set of criteria.

1. Portability

●     Weight: Products over 8 lbs. in weight were deemed not portable.

●     Dimensions: Products over 18” x 13”were deemed not portable.

Why portability is part of our evaluation process? Since remote work is becoming the new norm, with a massive 70% of professionals in the US expected to be working remotely in the next 4 years,  the weight and size of a laptop stand is important. A height-adjustable desk or standing desk converter that is double the average weight of a laptop stand ( around 4 to6 lbs) is not something we would categorize as portable. In addition, a laptop stand that cannot fit into a regular laptop bag, which we identified as being 18” x 13”, is not a portable solution.


2. Sit/Stand Compatibility

●     Products that are unable to adjust to over 10” in height were deemed not suitable for standing.

●     Products unable to adjust to a height lower than 9.5” were deemed not suitable for sitting.

Why we analyzed sit and stand compatibility? Ergonomic office furniture helps you to achieve the best position and posture for optimum performance, productivity, and comfort while working. With this in mind, if we consider a regular desk or table is around28”  to 30” tall, standing desk converters or height adjustable desks unable to offer over 10” in additional height would be considered unsuitable for work standing up. Having to lower your natural line of sight while working and move your neck down to see a laptop screen will not enhance your performance and could actually make it uncomfortable to work. This is also the case for height adjustable desks unable to recline to lower than 9.5”.

3. Adjustability

●     Height options: Products were evaluated based on whether they offer limited or fixed height options versus flexible, user-defined height options.

●     Adjustable surface: Products were evaluated based on whether or not the surface upon which the laptop sits can be adjusted.

Why is adjustability an important feature to consider? If a product claims to be a standing desk converter or a height-adjustable desk, there shouldn’t be any restrictions or limitations to adjustability. Our laptop stand can be fully adjusted, empowering the user to enjoy their own unique working style whenever and wherever they want.

The Results Are In: Is Jaque The World’s Most Flexible Laptop Stand?

Of the 130 products evaluated:

●     28 products (21.5%) were found to have portability issues due to weight and dimensions.

●     94 products (72.3%) failed to be sit or stand compatible.

●     113 products (86.9%) did not meet adjustability criteria.

Of the 130 products evaluated, only seven products met each of the criteria outlined above. These include laptop stands from ANUIMOAR, NASUM, LP Computer Stand, AWAVO, B-Land, EPN, and Nulaxy. While these laptop stands are portable and meet our adjustability requirements, each of them fails to meet Jaque’s sit/stand height adjustability features.


Due to the unrivaled combination of Jaque’s portability, sit/stand, and adjustability features, the Jaque laptop stand really is the world’s most flexible laptop stand!

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