Meet Lyubov a perpetual traveller from Russia

Meet Lyubov, a perpetual traveler, works as an online therapist and art teacher who has crafted a nomad life on her own terms.

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May 12, 2023

1-on-1 with Lyubov, a perpetual traveller who works and lives on her on terms


We believe that independent professionals are the pioneers of the changing world of work. That’s why every week we go in-depth with one of our favorites and pick up some lessons about what it takes to be a digital nomad. 

This week we spoke to Mira (28), an online therapist and art teacher from Moscow who has crafted a nomad life on her own terms. 

For how long have you been travelling? How did it start?

I’ve been travelling more or less solo since I was 18 years old. My passion for travelling started with a fine arts scholarship in Salzburg, Austria where I was exposed for the first time to a truly international and multicultural environment. After that, I have traveled every year in Europe and then in Asia.

What was your favorite location so far and why?

In Europe, the place where I felt I belonged most was Berlin. I enjoyed the community feel there. If we include Asia, my all time favorite would be Bali. It was always my dream to travel there. When I was 21, I finally arrived in Bali and just fell in love with the place as it feels like a place where you go in your childhood during summer vacations and then it becomes like a nice tradition. Over the last years I’ve actually spent more time in Bali than in my home country. I feel that I have a parallel life there. 

I am also pleasantly surprised about Turkey. There is so much more to this country than the resort photos you see on Instagram. 

 3 most important items you travel with?

Probably just my phone as I do most of my work from it. I have a few personal items I take with me in every new location to give the place where I stay a personal and home-like feeling.

Most memorable nomad experience

My ayahuasca experience in Brazil last year. It was like 10 years of therapy compressed in two weeks, an incredibly transformative journey. 

Challenges of being a nomad

Because I grew up in a very cold country, we would always want to take advantage of the sunny weather. I still have that urge to be outside whenever the weather is nice even when I should be working instead but I’ve learned to accept it and not give myself a hard time about it. 

I need an extra push to make myself handle administrative work but fortunately I don’t have too much of that to handle. 

I used to work long hours but I have reduced my sessions to be able to fully connect with my students or therapy clients. 

Where do you do your best work?

Inside the house where it’s quiet with fresh air and natural light.  I care about esthetics, so I try to choose places that are decorated with taste and have some personal touches. These things are important as they can make work even more enjoyable. 

Travel hacks

I always connect with the local expat community through online groups before going to a new location. You get so many amazing tips and you can make new friends. 

Favorite routines 

I like to go slow in the mornings with some yoga, podcasts, reading or meeting friends for breakfast. In my work I am simply inspired by the process of connecting with people, this is in itself uplifting for me. I am fully immersed in my work so I don’t need anything else to keep me motivated. 

How do you personally define success

Living on your own terms, not on others’ prescriptions. Being resourceful and able to bounce back from any difficulty. 

Exciting future plans

Moving to St. Petersburg for a month or so this summer. Maybe visiting Berlin again as I haven’t been there in a long time. 

One or two tips for other nomads starting out

Make your own luck so you will not have to be stuck in an office from 9-to-5. Don’t settle until you find meaningful work that you truly enjoy. If you get this right, everything else will come easy. 

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