Strategies to Enhance Your Productivity

In this article we highlight key strategies that will enable you to remain as consistently focused as possible throughout your workday.

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May 12, 2023

With the right strategies and approaches to your workday, you can access your potential for ultimate productivity. You may feel that your common struggle to focus throughout your workday consistently is a natural flaw that you’ve accepted, but you can overcome this challenge. 

These strategies will enable you to remain as consistently focused as possible throughout your workday: 

Read Your Body

Do you find you start your workday feeling strong, yet your focus always fades throughout the day? There’s no need to be hard on yourself, as this is a natural process that your brain and body experience as they experience energy waves throughout the day. This is known as your ultradian rhythm. 

All you need to do is learn how to work in sync with them so you can take advantage of when your brain is naturally in a state to focus and know when it needs a break so it can regenerate. When you feel alert, sit down, and tackle your toughest work assignments. When you notice your focus fading, take this time to step away from your desk or station to let your brain regroup and enter its next ultradian cycle.

Set the Scene For Total Concentration

If you are a digital nomad abroad or on the road, you have some options when it comes to choosing your work setting. You’ll want to consider finding a place to work with limited distraction. Consider whether you work best in silent environments or if you enjoy the lull of background voices and music. Do you need a big table, or will a small cubicle do the trick? 

Whether you have a choice in your daily setting or work in an office or at home, these tools will support your productivity:

  • Use noise-cancelling headphones for music or white noise to limit distractions and stimulate your brain.
  • Keep your area neat and tidy. This will help you feel organized and calm while you work.
  • Mute your smartphone notifications while you work. 

Move Around When You Feel Tired

It’s common to experience lulls in energy, especially during your workday afternoons. To overcome this energy decline, move your body with a short workout, walk, or stretch. These activities will get your blood flowing through your organs and your brain to reawaken them and restart their efficient functioning. Exercise or going outdoors will improve your mood that will help you finish your day strong. An alternative will be mixing up sitting and standing during your work day

Stay Positive

During your workday, your workflow could be disrupted by many factors out of your control. Maintain a positive mindset to manage any stress. If you start to feel overwhelmed, take a moment to breathe, think of a positive saying or mantra, and let your brain refocus so you can remain on track.

You are the master of your productivity potential. By enacting these strategies, you will gain access to concentration levels that you never knew you had. You will find yourself more present in your workday, which will improve your mental resilience as you face any challenges thrown your way. 

To understand where you are capable of remaining productive already, and to further understand how these effective strategies will help you grow your skills, take our concentration assessment today.

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