Stress Relief Part 1: The Two Biggest Stresses in YOUR Life

It is a stress that is around you all day and every day. It is a stress that adults believe they deal with, yet children know they can’t.They also deal with stress better mostly.

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May 12, 2023

There are two stresses in your life, which if you change can improve your health, energy, stress levels, and longevity.

They are very easy to change. It is just a matter of knowing what your two biggest stresses are.

Firstly, defining stress helps you understand why these stresses are so important. Stress is “anything you expend energy on”

Yes, simple as that. Stress is any task you expend energy on. There is good stress and bad stress. All stress requires energy to deal with it.

The biggest stresses use up more energy. The energy must come from somewhere. The energy that depletes functions in the body, can lead to poor health, low energy levels, and a shorter life span.

If these two stresses are not dealt with, you are losing energy faster than you should. The energy that is used to support your body and allow you to live longer.

Changing these stresses returns energy to you. This in turn will improve your health, day to day energy levels, help you deal with other stresses easier, and allow you to live longer and happier.

So by now, you may be wondering, “what is the biggest stress in my life?” It is an area that you seldom think about. It is a stress that is around you all day and every day. It is a stress that adults believe they deal with, yet children know they can’t.

It is a stress that takes more energy from you and with time will create poor health, bend your spine and even cause you to lose height as you age. Yes, one of the biggest stresses in your life is


Gravity requires you to use energy. Try floating in the air for example. Every part of the day where you sit or stand, you are fighting gravity. The problem is gravity is winning.

If you only sit or stand when you have to, and lie down every other time. You will notice you suddenly have a few extra hours in the day where you can lie down.

Laying down means no energy is spent on gravity. The energy that fills your reserve tank, helps your health, and day-to-day energy, and helps you fight other stresses. Less gravity stress means less degeneration to joints, less shrinking with time and less pressure on your organs.

Try lying down more regularly. Watch children, they lie down all the time and have a plentiful supply of energy. They also deal with stress better mostly. You don’t have to sleep, just lie down to

… read

… listen to music

… watch television

… or just relax.

You can do it on the floor, couch, or outside on the grass.

Very simple, just – “only sit or stand if you have to”.

The energy you will gain will surprise you. You will be astounded at how much better you feel (totally health, stress, energy, happiness) at the end of the day and week. On the weekends you will feel better, lighter and happier. Work becomes less stressful and your enthusiasm and motivation will increase.

Gravity is one of the two biggest stresses. Easy to change, simple to do. You may now be wondering what the other stress is. If gravity is one stress you didn’t think of then the other stress is also just as baffling.

In part 2, the second of the two major stresses will be unveiled. is dedicated to teaching you ways to remove stress; simply, easily, and quickly. Using a combination of Eastern and Western techniques stress can be removed, repelled, and prevented fast.

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