Top 5 Reasons Why 17 Million People Become Digital Nomads

The advantages of being able to work from different spaces freely as opposed to always working from home.

Working From Anywhere
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May 12, 2023

Yesterday evening, Gary had a glass of delicious Port wine on the banks of the Douro river.

Today, he works in a coffee shop overlooking Madrid.

And tomorrow, he'll be on his way to Mexico, exploring the colorful streets of Oaxaca before setting up his remote office in a beachside condo in Tulum."

All of this wouldn't be possible had Gary not become a digital nomad.

Over the last couple of years, Gary built several online businesses, invested his corporate salary, sold most of his possessions, and set off to travel the world.

Gary is but one out of 17 million people who aspire to be a digital nomad. Tens of millions have traded their 9-5 cubicle job for a nomadic lifestyle where they can work anywhere, anytime they want. 

But why digital nomads became so popular? 

We believe the reasons boil down to these 5 fundamental benefits that make us feel the most alive and happy -- which can be achieved by becoming a digital nomad. 

1. Be The Author Of Your Life

Do you dream of being your own boss? 

If you answered 'yes', you could consider becoming a digital nomad. They have complete work autonomy and can choose the 5W1Hs of their work:

  • Where to work and live
  • Who to work with
  • When to work and travel
  • Why they choose to work with this project or client
  • What to work at
  • How to work

If tomorrow a digital nomad feels like surfing, he'll book a co-living space in Bali and a flight ticket, pack his bags and switch his work location to thousands of miles away from his country. 

A location-independent lifestyle that gives you absolute power to choose how you want to live — one that gives you a work-life balance — is one of the top reasons why millions of people join the digital nomad movement

2. Your Dollar Gets Bigger

Ever heard of the word, "geoarbitrage"?

In simple terms, geoarbitrage means moving to a country with a lower cost of living while earning a higher currency income. The word was made famous by Tim Ferriss, the author of "The Four Hour Work Week". 

It might be leaving your home country and move to Bali or Thailand while still earning US dollars. 

In the US, a $4 could fetch you a cup of Starbucks Caffe Latte Venti-sized. In Bali, you could pay for dinner in a restaurant (plus beer) for the same amount. 

This means digital nomads gain greater spending power for the same number of working hours and income. 

3. Personal And Professional Growth Skyrockets

The best part of being a digital nomad is meeting new knowledgeable people in every city. There are always opportunities to grow, expand your network, or attend events that can help get you one step closer to the success you're working towards. 

As digital nomads travel the world, they will gain new perspectives on their lives.

They'll learn new things about themselves that they haven't realized. They'll meet new people and understand those they were fearful of, melting the walls between them and the unknown. 

Traveling is one of the ultimate personal and professional development ways that teaches many things at once.

4. Escape The Freezing Winters

If freezing winters and short daylight are not your jam, this benefit is for you: escaping the winter to a warm tropical country. 

Perhaps, this is why the most popular digital nomad destinations in the world tend to have warm climates. 

Digital nomads who hate winters can escape the icy dark January and live on the "Eternal Island of Spring" in Tenerife, where sunny days are almost guaranteed. 

5. Higher Life Satisfaction and Happiness

Believe it or not, 90% of digital nomads are highly satisfied with their work and life. 

Ever since becoming less tied to a physical workspace, 92% of digital nomads said they're happier.

While there are some unique challenges to digital nomads, most of them enjoy a work-life balance and spend more time with people who matter and explore the world. 

Most importantly, digital nomads get to design their own lives and stories.

Final Words

The digital nomad lifestyle is getting more and more popular. It's predicted that there will be 1 billion digital nomads by 2035

If you're considering switching your lifestyle to become a digital nomad, these are the top 5 fundamental benefits that entice tens of millions of people taking the jump:

  1. Design your life on your own terms
  2. Increase spending power: earn higher currency while living in a lower currency country
  3. Grow yourself personally and professionally 10x more than usual
  4. Escape the freezing winters and dark months
  5. Achieve higher life satisfaction and happiness

Sure, these benefits are great, but the question is, how and where do you start? 

Read this article to learn how to get paid to travel and start your new career on the right foot.

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