For all you'll need, but never notice.

Take on flexible working with style. The slimmest, most reliable carryall you'll find.
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Intuitive, adjustable strap for adjustable living.

We know finding that perfect angle is a pain. Our San Fransisco-designed infinite hinge is as flexible as your environment; so that you can work comfortably wherever you are.

Your new zipper for the ages.

We want your Satchel to be a companion that lasts. Through thick and thin. A quality zipper means a reliable, secure journey: and our precision '---' design has you covered.

Durable, subtle quality.

Reliability is the name of the game: but that doesn't mean bulking up your travel. High-grade strappings and hooks let you stay confident and light, wherever you go.

Slick, rain-proof exterior for wherever projects takes you.

High-grade '---' for a long-lasting finish, weather-proof travel and a luxe feel to the touch.

2- Year Guarantee.

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Weather-proof your gear.

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Light as a feather.

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Safe and secure.

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The details.

Functionality and style. Convenience and quality. This is balance we're striving for, and it's all achieved in the details...


Enjio Satchel
Leather Bags
Laptop Sleeve

How long will it last?

16+ in.
20+ in.
6-10 in.
8-12 inc.

Can it fit my laptop + Jaque?

How much can it really fit?

Is it okay to travel with outdoors?

Up to 20kg+


Up to 20kg+

How much does it weigh?


Is it carry-on luggage friendly?

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Full dimensions

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Hassle-free travel.

We know the moments. Frantically packing away your laptop as your train stop approaches. Getting a strap hooked on the seat. The dread of being told your bag won't meet carry-on... We know. And we've got you covered.

Look good. Feel good. Work great.

Functionality is king. But we wanted to go a step beyond. We appreciate the psychology of 'Look good. Feel good.' And we think it extends to our work, too.

Tight-knit organized.

More pockets doesn't always mean more organized. We've stripped back the design to let you focus on your most valuable companions, and keep them tightly secure while you approach your next adventure.

Your perfectly productive pairing.

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